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December 29-30, post op days 12 and 13

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December 29th: 12th day post op.
We ate a half a bagel this morning and had some chicken around supper time. We will not eat our food or touch any chicken that is placed in the food bowl.  Enjoyed another walk to the end of the neighbors driveway and back.
The harness came in today and she doesn’t mind wearing it.
She’s being really weird.  She’ll sit beside me on the sofa and just stare at me.  Like a foot away from my face.
December 30th: 13th day post op.
Back to the vet today for stitch removal.  She did so good.  I think she feels better without the medical shirt.  Must be hot for her.
The vet does not like the fact that she’s not really eating so we are to stop all meds now.  We are just going to miss 2 days of pain meds and antibiotics.  She thinks her appetite should come back in about 24 hours and we are to stick to bland foods so as not to upset her tummy.
Another little walk and we went about 10 extra feet.
It’s snowing this evening so I’m curious to see if she’ll go rolling in the snow when we go outside for our final pee before bedtime.

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One thought on “December 29-30, post op days 12 and 13”

  1. She’s such a sweetie! Did she play in the snow?

    Glad you talked to your vet about the not eating issue, sounds like a plan. Maybe you can try feeding her on paper plates? Dog’s noses are so sharp, that they can smell pills on their bowl surfaces even after they’ve been run through the diswasher!

    Also ask your vet about Entyce appetite stimulant if they didn’t mention it.

    Paws crossed for some eating action!

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