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December 29-30, post op days 12 and 13

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December 29th: 12th day post op.
We ate a half a bagel this morning and had some chicken around supper time. We will not eat our food or touch any chicken that is placed in the food bowl.  Enjoyed another walk to the end of the neighbors driveway and back.
The harness came in today and she doesn’t mind wearing it.
She’s being really weird.  She’ll sit beside me on the sofa and just stare at me.  Like a foot away from my face.
December 30th: 13th day post op.
Back to the vet today for stitch removal.  She did so good.  I think she feels better without the medical shirt.  Must be hot for her.
The vet does not like the fact that she’s not really eating so we are to stop all meds now.  We are just going to miss 2 days of pain meds and antibiotics.  She thinks her appetite should come back in about 24 hours and we are to stick to bland foods so as not to upset her tummy.
Another little walk and we went about 10 extra feet.
It’s snowing this evening so I’m curious to see if she’ll go rolling in the snow when we go outside for our final pee before bedtime.

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December 27-28th – 10th and 11th day post op

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

December 27th – 10th day post-op.

Still refusing to eat.  Can of moist thank you!  Hand feed a few pieces of her dry food..she spits it on the floor. Dispite the lack of food she’s showing more energy in the spurts when she’s awake.

Took her out for her first ‘walk’.  She was 100% in charge.  She has never been a big walker.  We made it to the end of our neighbor’s house before she paused for several minutes and decided she had had enough and turned around to come back home.

December 28th – 11th day post-op

OMG she is killing me!  I got her to eat about 4 small pieces of roasted chicken this evening and that was it.  She even refused her bagel pieces this morning, a first.  Her evening medication was taken without lifting her head from her bed.

Took her out for another ‘walk’ and almost made it as far as yesterday.  Even when she goes outside to do her business it is a quickie.  No smelling around following the scent of the bunny that seems to love our backyard.

On the up side, the stitches are healing well, she has no problems gettting on/off the sofa, the 3 stairs outside are easy-peasy now and we are back to barking at anyone she sees who dares approach our front door.


December 25-26th – 8-9th day post op

December 25th: 8th day post op
She slept all day!  She seems so sad and we are wondering if she’s depressed.  Maybe it’s still the medication.
Today is the first day without the anti-inflammatory meds and the pain medication drops to twice a day instead of three times.  Something to keep an eye on for sure.
December 26th: 9th day post op
Ceira is still sleeping a lot but I’m getting glimpses of my sweet baby girl today. I have to force her to take the pill pockets for her medication and she is refusing food still.  Can’t even hand feed her. She does take her cookies though when she comes back in from outside.
The plan for tomorrow is to take her for a short walk, just down the street a couple of houses. Hopefully that will stimulate her appetite.

December 22-24th – 5th to 7th day post op

December 22nd: 5th day post op
We slept through the night.  (I feel like a mother with a newborn)  We are also doing the stairs unaided up and down!  Appetite however, is waning.
December 23rd: 6th day post op
Very clingy today. Ceira had to be with me most of the day and touching me in some way.  The fresh fallen snow today had her doing a partial roll in the snow.  She did also sleep for a bit on the incision side.  The incision is looking so good.  Clean and healing well.
December 24th: 7th day post op
Slept almost all day.  Finally got her to eat a meal with a little bit of roasted chicken added and the cooked juices.

December 21st – 4th day post op

December 21st, 2020: 4th day post op

3am awakening again and spent about 10 minutes outside exploring.  This is the first time she really didn’t just go out to do her business.  She really is getting much stronger.  Loves being outside in the fresh snow exploring the new smells.

This morning she waited with her paw on the first step for the sling help but what she hasn’t realized is that she’s not actually getting much support from it.

She spent all morning and afternoon sleeping in the bedroom. Only coming out to go outside and drink water.

This evening she decided to spend on the sofa with me.  Caught her trying to scratch the incision tonight.  Was able to stop her with the ice bag.

Today’s major accomplishment came just before bedtime when she climbed up the steps outside unaided!

Amazing to see how fast she is adapting.

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