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December 27-28th – 10th and 11th day post op

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December 27th – 10th day post-op.

Still refusing to eat.  Can of moist thank you!  Hand feed a few pieces of her dry food..she spits it on the floor. Dispite the lack of food she’s showing more energy in the spurts when she’s awake.

Took her out for her first ‘walk’.  She was 100% in charge.  She has never been a big walker.  We made it to the end of our neighbor’s house before she paused for several minutes and decided she had had enough and turned around to come back home.

December 28th – 11th day post-op

OMG she is killing me!  I got her to eat about 4 small pieces of roasted chicken this evening and that was it.  She even refused her bagel pieces this morning, a first.  Her evening medication was taken without lifting her head from her bed.

Took her out for another ‘walk’ and almost made it as far as yesterday.  Even when she goes outside to do her business it is a quickie.  No smelling around following the scent of the bunny that seems to love our backyard.

On the up side, the stitches are healing well, she has no problems gettting on/off the sofa, the 3 stairs outside are easy-peasy now and we are back to barking at anyone she sees who dares approach our front door.


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One thought on “December 27-28th – 10th and 11th day post op”

  1. Oh Ceira! I’m so sorry guys, this sounds like a tough one. By any chance have you checked her incision? I’m wondering if she might have an infection going on that might be making her feel lousy and not wanting to eat?

    Please post in the Forums so we can help you guys faster OK? Give her a smooch from us.

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