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December 25-26th – 8-9th day post op

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December 25th: 8th day post op
She slept all day!  She seems so sad and we are wondering if she’s depressed.  Maybe it’s still the medication.
Today is the first day without the anti-inflammatory meds and the pain medication drops to twice a day instead of three times.  Something to keep an eye on for sure.
December 26th: 9th day post op
Ceira is still sleeping a lot but I’m getting glimpses of my sweet baby girl today. I have to force her to take the pill pockets for her medication and she is refusing food still.  Can’t even hand feed her. She does take her cookies though when she comes back in from outside.
The plan for tomorrow is to take her for a short walk, just down the street a couple of houses. Hopefully that will stimulate her appetite.

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2 thoughts on “December 25-26th – 8-9th day post op”

  1. Catching up on ypir sweet Ceira. This early on sou ds like she’s doing well!
    Feed her any yummy foods she’ll eat….eggs and cheese and bacon, warm chicken, liverwurst, cheeseburgers….anything yummy.
    Not sure how many stairs she’s doing, but have her take them really slowly and with assistance for now. Short leashed potty breaks for now and then back in for more rest. Rest is good.
    So just take it slow and easy when you take her on that SHORT walk tomo, okay. It takes a lot of energy at first for a dog to walk on three. So remember she still jas to walk back from her walk tomorrow. Generally short leashed potty breaks for first two weeks.
    Give that sweet girl an extra treat…or five…for us, okay? Recovery doe last furever, it just seems like it.
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Stay strong you guys, rest is medicinal and Ceira is really on the mend from what you described. The lack of appetite could be due to the pain meds for sure, but they’re a necessary part of healing. If you can keep your walk suuuuuuper short tomorrow that would be ideal. Nine days out is still early. Use care and stay pawsitive, she’s getting there!

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